No wonder when you get an Aluminium door installed, you get proper security along with it. So we are not going to deep dive into the high security that comes with aluminium security doors, but we will definitely tell you why it is worth investing in Aluminium material for security doors. Not only it is durable, and pocket friendly comparatively with other security doors, it has a lot of variations from you to choose from for finishes and lastly, you are putting your money in something that requires very low maintenance.

• Aluminium door gives you flexible designing options:

Aluminium is a very flexible material, it offers you to customize is as per your design needs. Many people get customized doors made done, with their own specifications. Which is why by offering flexibility of customization, it also caters to you getting your unique design.

• Aluminium doesn’t have to be an ugly addition

While you can be all creative with the design in which you want your aluminium doors Melbourne, it also adds an extra oomph to it by giving you different options for its finishing. You can choose to get powder coating done which will give you at least 7 years of warranty. With time, it will fake away, but after seven years, it is naturally understandable to get a paint job done. Furthermore, it power coating paint job also gives you an option to select from a range of colours. So yes, when we said it is flexible, the door can provide you security, while it gels in with the theme of your house.

• Aluminium lasts a lifetime!

Of course, the material itself speaks volume that it is low maintenance and offers long durability. It is known for being corrosion resistant; hence having a rusty security door is and should never be your worry. It will withstand any weather, especially if you live in a moisture filled area, aluminium security doors will not disappoint you. Furthermore, with changes in heat and weather, it will also not crack or swell over time. Hence, ensuring it is durable for a lifetime.

• It is the strength you want to pay for!

Comparatively to many other security door options, Aluminium security doors are very affordable. It is 4 times stronger than a wooden door and 3 times stronger than a PVC material. That is the kind of strength where you will invest your money. Not only you should be investing in aluminum as a material for your door, the same advantages also apply on aluminium as a choice of material for your windows. You can check out Kestrel Australia online and see the designs they have to offer for your home and taste. Get a free quotation online as well!